Violent games study bill dies on congressional floor, to be reintroduced when next session convenes

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 10 January 2013 16:48 GMT

US Senator Jay Rockefeller’s congressional bill which would research the impact of violent games and media on children died once the 112th congressional session ended last Thursday on January 3.

The West Virginia Senator has said he plans to reintroduce the bill, with the language unchanged, during the current congressional session by the end of the month.

Rockerfeller’s bill would task the National Academy of Sciences with studying violence in media, alongside the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.

The study would investigate whether there is a correlation between exposure to violent video games and violent video programming and harmful effects on children.

Should the study be approved, the results will be submitted to congress within 18 months.

The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), is of course against any regulation of media, stating that due to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting “some people are looking for a cause and culprit other than the shooter.”

“Unfortunately some are blaming media, including video games, for violent behavior in individuals,” said the ECA on its website. “We know this isn’t the case; banning or regulating media content even more won’t solve the issue.”

Via Polygon.

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