Sir, You Are Being Hunted Kickstarter closes with 231% funding

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 3 December 2012 00:37 GMT

Tweedpunk survival shooter Sir, You Are Bing Hunted has ended its month-long Kickstarter campaign with great success, amassing £92,551, well beyond its £40,000 goal.

The funding is just shy of the £100,000 needed to secure a character customisation stretch goal but a project update reveals Big Robot plans to add it anyway, although perhaps not as fully realised as it had hoped.

A lot of other stretch goals were met during the campaign, including a multiplayer component, which won’t be a development priority till after the core single-player experience is complete and polished.

Because of the additional content unlocked by backers, Big Robot cautioned that a planned July 2013 release date may be “subject to some slippage”, although it’s the current target. Early access for backers will trigger as soon as possible, and all backers will be given a Steam key for the full release.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has players roaming a procedurally generated landscape based on the British countryside, using stealth and survival to escape killer robots. The project is still accepting donations via PayPal. Big Robot is led by Rock Paper Shotgun’s Jim Rossignol. Congratulations to the team and all happy backers on the campaign’s success.

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