Maia Kickstarter: dev holding public vote on stretch goal choice

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 27 November 2012 11:36 GMT

Maia, the sci-fi god game from indie developer Simon Roth is currently sitting at £130,514 of its £100,042 Kickstarter goal. At £200,000 Roth will add a new stretch goal into the mix, but wants you to help him decide which add-on he should consider. Check out the options below.

An update on the Maia project page lists the first option as a procedurally generated top down shooter mini-game, similar to the likes of Amiga classic Alien Breed, in which you, “Are an imp bot sent in to failed colonies on Maia, rescuing survivors, retrieving science and killing a whole lot of aggressive aliens. Collect and upgrade weapons and gain experience and skills through an infinite number of generated worlds.”

Option two is called ‘Telluric Variation’, and it will add three new game types into the RPG mix:

  • Dead planet: No plants, no animals, no atmosphere. The battle for survival will be long and hard.
  • Frozen world: Build your base into the permafrost of an ancient glacier. There are terrifying things waiting to be thawed.
  • Ocean planet: Your colony is based in an abyss on the ocean floor. Fight the force of our fluid system. Can you stand the pressure?

So, which one do you prefer? Let us know below.

Thanks PC Gamer.

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