EVE Online: Retribution to introduce safe log out, no crime mode

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 27 November 2012 21:43 GMT

CCP has revealed further details of system tweaks in upcoming EVE Online expansion, Retribution, which will “when you inevitably lose your ship in a very silly way, it is very definitely 100% your fault.”

In a new developer blog, the developer debuted a safe logoff option.

The point of this is that at the end of timer your ship is immediately removed from the game world, so that you can’t be attacked and destroyed while the client is closed. There’s a 30 second timer you’ll have to wait through to take advantage of this, and during this time, you’ll need to keep an eye out for potential foes; if you spot a threat, just abort the timer.

To quiet the fears of those concerned that this allows players to log off and escape the consequences of their aggro, the safe logoff timer cannot be initiated while you have active modules; are ejecting; have aggression; are exploding or self destructing; are issuing movement commands; are launching or jettisoning objects; are joining a fleet; are deploying or reconnecting with drones; are warping; are decloaking or under gate cloak; or have a target lock or are being targeted. Any of these states will ancel the logoff timer, so don’t wander off.

Meanwhile, for those whose accidentally land themselves in a world of trouble, CCP has introduced a Safety System. When enabled, this system blocks the player from committing actions considered criminal. Set to partially enabled, it allows for acts considered suspect, and while disabled, you can do whatever the heck you want.

The system not only prevents you from mistakenly committing crimes, it also means hardened criminal types won’t be troubled by pop ups asking if they’re really truly sure they want to blast some newb out of the sky and steal his things.

Retribution is due on December 4. It also overhauls bounties, kill rights and wars.

Thanks, Polygon.

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