Dizzy Returns Kickstarter: Oliver Twins defend £350,000 funding goal

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 27 November 2012 11:06 GMT

Dizzy Returns is a brand new adventure from the Oliver twins that needs £350,000 to become fully-funded on Kickstarter. Given the simplistic nature of previous Dizzy games, some gamers have responded to the Twin’s demands with scepticism, but the developers have argued that the money will go a long way. Find out why below.

Over on the Dizzy Returns Kickstarter page, a new update explains why the Twin’s studio Blitz Games is asking for £350,000 in funding.

“At first glance it sounds like a lot of money to develop a game. Saying that, teams of hundreds of people at large studios create AAA titles for consoles and PC and spend tens of millions of dollars in the process.

“It’s also true that games can be made on a much smaller budget. There are independent developers creating mobile games for a fraction of that cost, sometimes individually or in small teams of just a handful of people.

“Our company, Blitz Games Studios, is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, employing over 200 talented and creative people, with game teams typically made up of anywhere between 10 and 70 people.”

The post goes on to explain that Dizzy Returns will be developed by a team of around 12 developers over a period of six months, will provide 200 puzzles – some of which require physics to solve – and should contain ten scrolling worlds to explore.

Part of the large figure could stem from the fact that the game will feature full voicing from professional actors, as the post suggests, “The main cast of characters in both versions of Dizzy Returns will be fully voiced by professional voice actors, and the game will also have an original musical score created from scratch.

“We want Dizzy Returns to be the best game it can be, and we know that with £350,000 we can make a game that we and our fans can be proud of.”

What do you make of the concept? Is it something you would invest in? Let us know below.

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