Nintendo breaks App Store stage fright, releasing first official iOS app

By Dave Cook, Friday, 16 November 2012 10:37 GMT

Nintendo has finally begun to embrace Apple’s app store following a string of clone and unofficial releases have attempted to ride its name. Pokédex for iOS will launch in Japan soon, marking the start of what could perhaps branch out into something bigger.

Imagine just how much money the original Super Mario Bros. would make if it were released on iOS. It would sell like mad, so it’s always been a puzzle as to why Nintendo has shied away from this potentially lucrative marketplace.

GI.Biz reports that Nintendo’s reluctance has come to an end, as The Pokémon Company will publish Pokédex for iOS app in Japan at 170 Yen, and offer additional creature packs for 500 Yen a pop.

Developed by Game Freak subsidiary Creatures Inc. the app could be a big hit among Pokémon fans, considering the new Pokédex Pro on 3DS is rather. Should the app sell well, there’s no telling how far Nintendo’s dabbling in the iOS market could go.

Here’s a screen of the app, courtesy of

What’s your view on a theoretical influx of Nintendo games on iOS? Would you buy in to the idea? Let us know below.

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