Remember Me dev eschews stereotypes, ultra-violence

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 5 November 2012 00:00 GMT

Remember Me doesn’t want to pander to gaming stereotypes and reliance on over-the-top violence, according to creative director Jean-Maxime Moris.

Speaking to CVG, Moris complained that games don’t live up to their potential.

“Video games have become such a formatted medium, but it’s the most powerful medium in the world and it has the most potential in the future. Yet everything is formatted,” he said.

Moris said Dontnod “just wanted to do things differently” and that’s why it decided to avoid the typical straight-white-man-with-a-gun protagonist.

“How fucking stupid is this industry to only bet on those stereotypes? It’s the only thing you give people, they get accustomed to it and don’t want anything else,” he said.

“So yes, our character, Nilin, is mixed race, she is female, her sexual orientation is her private life, so I won’t go there.”

As well as allowing its star to be someone other than Captain Space Marine, Dontnod seems to have wanted Remember Me to buck another trend – that of exploitative violence as central theme or mechanic.

“She runs around, climbs, leaps, kicks guys’ asses, remixes their memories, only kills a few people – and does it all in a game with no blood,” Moris noted.

“We made those choices to say: ‘look you can have something that’s kick ass, something that’s powerful, and you don’t need it to be ultraviolent’.”

Remember Me is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2013.

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