Sleeping Dogs to get 6 months of DLC, Square believes it has franchise potential

By Dave Cook, Monday, 29 October 2012 14:20 GMT

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has confirmed that there will be a six month timetable of DLC, and that it views the brand as a potential franchise.

Speaking with OPM, United Front producer Dan Sochan confirmed that the six months of content would be entirely bespoke, and none of it held off the disc.

“A few months before we shipped Square told us they wanted to do DLC so we made sure we could technically do add ons,” Sochan explained, “But we really spent every waking hour and then some making sure the game was as polished and as bug free as it could be”.

On the longevity of the Sleeping Dogs brand and the studio’s relationship with Square-Enix, Sochan added, “Every contract is slightly different. More often than not with a new IP you want to assess the interest in the market, the consumers. How are people feeling a few months before launch? And you hedge your bets. Square, from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise”.

VG247 also spoke with Dan Sochan last week about the studio’s first story DLC for Sleeping Dogs, ‘Nightmare in North Point’. Check it out below, it has zombies and vampires in it:

Sleeping Dogs DLC: United Front’s supernatural love trip.

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