Microsoft rep on Windows 8 mature content restrictions: ‘Valve can keep being Valve’

By Dave Cook, Friday, 26 October 2012 08:52 GMT

Microsoft’s policy to mature games on its Windows 8 digital store essentially forbode any games that fell into the ‘mature’ or 18+ age bracket. It seemed like a strange decision at the time, but earlier today we reported that Microsoft has announced that certain restrictions will be relaxed.

The changes mean that ‘some’ PEGI 18 games will be granted sale on Windows 8’s digital store.

Antoine Leblond, corporate VP of web services discussed the change in policy with Gizmodo, stating that it would come into effect by December, and that “This is to give developers a heads up that that’s where we’re going, so they can have the peace of mind around developing the kinds of games that will have those ratings.

To separate Windows 8 store and other platforms that allow mature digital content, Leblond added, “We want the world of desktop apps to to keep existing [outside of the Windows Store]. There’s no reason to get in the way of that. Valve can keep being Valve.”

What’s your take on the restrictions? Should digital stores cater for all, or is there room to pick and choose your market? Let us know below.

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