Star Citizen Kickstarter smashes $500,000 goal with 26 days left

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:12 GMT

Star Citizen, the new space sim from Wing Comander creator Chris Roberts has shot past its $500,000 Kickstarter funding goal at light speed. There are still 26 days of funding left. Check out the details below

The PC space epic can be found over at Kickstarter, should you wish to give it some of your cash. Wright’s studio Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has been updating the page with new information that reveals more of the game.

The plan was to fund the game independently on the site, but the Star Citizen Kickstarter was set up after Roberts’ own site buckled under the weight of fan interest.

Star Citizen’s project statement reads, “The traditional publishers don’t believe in PC or Space Sims. Venture Capitalists only want to back mobile or social gaming start ups.”

“We say they’re wrong. We say that there is a large audience of PC gamers that want sophisticated games built for their platform. And inside this audience, a significant group of people that have always loved space games, and if given a quality one again will be happy to play it.”

So that’s the goal, to create an epic space sim on PC like studios used to, offering, “A huge universe to explore, trade and adventure in,” a “constantly expanding and evolving universe,” and more. It’s all looking rather lovely as far as the videos and screens go.

Are you pining for a return to space games like Wing Commander, have you backed Star Citizen? Let us know below

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