EA’s Peter Moore says social doomsayers shouldn’t “read too much into” Zynga’s woes

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 24 October 2012 14:56 GMT

EA’s Peter Moore believes the “overheating and overhyping of social gaming” over the last year has lead to the the overhyping of the genre’s demise, as there’s still a “strong place” in the market for social gaming.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Moore’s comments reiterate those made by CEO John Riccitiello last week, a thinks people shouldn’t “read too much into whatever is going on with Zynga.”

“We always feel bad when people lose their jobs,” he said. “Our hope is certainly the locations I’ve read online, those folks can get re-employed pretty quickly.

“The overheating and overhyping of social gaming over the last year-and-a-half has put this thing on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and the Times of London, and has made this an interesting focal point for our industry. I think it just got a little overhyped. And now the demise is being overhyped the opposite way.

“I still think there’s a strong place for social gaming. I think a lot of social gaming is moving mobile. We feel well positioned to take advantage of that. And people shouldn’t read too much into whatever is going on with Zynga.”

Moore said he is making sure the firm is “well positioned” with its social games structure, and success lies in diversity and linking the game experience across as many platforms as possible.

“From your Phone to your PC to your 360 or your PS3 back to your tablet, that is the future,” he said. “It’s a service. It’s not a standalone game. It gives a great experience to the gamer, first and foremost, and it also protects us from any downfall in a particular piece of hardware or platform. It spreads our bets a little bit.”

Zynga will post its financial earnings later today.

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