UK tax relief: games that promote British culture more likely to qualify

By Dave Cook, Friday, 5 October 2012 10:22 GMT

Back in March, the UK government budget included plans to finally grant tax relief to UK game developers. An official document for the initiative has appeared online, including a test that developers need to pass to qualify – such as having British lead characters, showing off British culture and having a percentage of British staff at studios. It’s a tight criteria, and is bound to make some studios unhappy.

The test is geared towards Britishness. For example, making games set in fictional worlds makes a studio less likely to get Government support.

So British-made RPG series Fable would get less points for being set in Albion, instead of real-world Britain, even though the studio is based in the UK, while something like British-made Forza Horizon would have a slightly harder time because it’s set in the US.

It’s a little backwards. Check out the test below, and bear in mind that games need to score 16 out of 30 points to qualify.

What do you think of the above criteria? Is forcing studios to promote British culture in order to get tax relief a step backwards? Let us know below.

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