FIFA 13 dev on Metacritic: ‘not listening to your fans is a dumb thing to do’

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 20 September 2012 12:02 GMT

FIFA 13 producer David Rutter has discussed how his team has grown over the years, and shed light on the way the studio strives for excellence in a tell-all interview. Fan opinion is still number one, even if Metacritic is fast becoming the industry’s barometer of quality.

In an MCV interview, Rutter explained how his gauges the success of each new FIFA game, “Metacritic is a very big deal. It’s like your teacher giving you a mark at school. You get your grades and you know what you did. But ultimately, not listening to your fans is a dumb thing to do. For a lot of us, that’s also where a lot of the credibility in what we’ve done comes from.”

Rutter also believes FIFA 13 to be the best entry to date for varying reasons, “FIFA 13 is definitely the closet we have ever come [in creating that ultimate football game] by a country mile. I’ve been making games for over 15 years and I’ve never yet been completely satisfied with what we’ve done.”

“This one has got some pretty fantastic things in it,” Rutter continued, “and we are extremely happy with it. But I know that within three, four, five months of the game being out, with many millions of people playing it, there will be a massive long list of things we’d want to achieve in the next year.”

“The key thing for me is that we have been incredibly lucky. We have got this sport called football which is our inspiration. Every single match we watch there is something that becomes an item on the list of things that we want to achieve. Every single game you see there is something and we have not run out of ideas or inspiration yet”, Rutter concluded.

Thanks again MCV.

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