Minecraft ‘Pretty Scary Update’ will add ranged witches into the mix

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:17 GMT

Minecraft’s Halloween themed ‘Pretty Scary Update’ – or update 1.4 if you like numbers – will be adding new mobs such as the Wither, and other spooky updates to the game in October.

You can see the update’s Wither King mob boss in action here. It haunts us in our sleep.

Mojang developer Nathan Adams tweeted that he was having trouble drawing witch noses in the game’s blocky format: “How do you even draw a witch anyway? Pointy nose? In a blocky world it’d look like Pinocchio!”

According to PCGamesN, the witches are ranged mobs that have wiggling noses. We’ll have screens once Mojang releases them into the wild.

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