DUST 514 – new player Corporation features being added with next update

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 September 2012 19:13 GMT

DUST 514’s next major update will include new player Corporation features which will thrust players into the EVE Universe populated with established social groups as well as the ongoing politics associated therein.

Players of DUST 514 can “go from being a NPC newbie Corporation,” to joining a 7,000-player strong empire.

Corporations created in DUST 514 will be no different than those in EVE Online, and while management resources related to EVE Online in DUST 514 will not be available initially, players will still be able to appoint a player from EVE Online as a director for the Corporation in DUST 514.

The following features regarding Corporations will be added:

  • You can join any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514.
  • There will be a dedicated Corporation chat channel.
  • You can be a CEO or director of any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514.
  • You can create a corporation, design its logo, assign roles, accept and take part in corporation battles (there will be another dev blog about this topic).
  • You can accept members from both EVE Online and DUST 514.
  • You can now create social bonds (or vendettas) that last.
  • You will see EVE Online players’ character names and portraits and vice versa.
  • Strategize and fight together in real-time.

DUST 514 is currently in closed beta, and is set to launch later this year.

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