Torchlight 2 will support Steam Workshop

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 3 September 2012 05:23 GMT

Torchlight 2 will not only eventually produce a set of official mod tools, it’s going to support Steam Workshop, making the promotion, acquisition and installation of these community-made delights a breeze.

“There was no reason not to,” Runic president Travis Baldree told GameSpy of the inclusion.

Baldree told the site he’s expecting more UGC armour sets and items for Torchlight 2 thanks to a few tweaks to how Runic sizes items across classes. He might even release a few mods of his own, notably one to add cursed weapons; apparently the rest of the team out voted him on their inclusion in the dungeon crawler sequel.

Torchlight 2’s mod tools are expected a few week after its launch, which was recently confirmed as September 20.

On a related note, Baldree said the game may receive DLC, but it’s likely to be free and installed via automatic patch once a month.

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