CastleMiner Z: Fastest selling Xbox Live Indie game – 900,000 served

By Dave Cook, Monday, 20 August 2012 08:22 GMT

CastleMiner Z, the co-op survival horror shooter based in a world similar to Minecraft’s has just smashed 900,000, according to developer DigitalDNA Games. If confirmed, this would make it the fastest-selling Xbox Live Arcade Indie game to date.

DigitalDNA Games has claimed that it has shifted 900,000 downloads of the game. The game is available as an Xbox Live Arcade Indie downloaded priced 80 MS Points.

Speaking with Joystiq, Thomas Steinke of DigitalDNA Games discussed the figures, “Based on the positions in the daily best selling lists it may very well be the best selling XBLIG of all time, but I won’t feel fully comfortable saying that until we have reached the top of the best selling list, which I project should happen when we round out 1M units sales in the next 4-6 weeks, becoming the first XBLIG to do so.”

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