Age of Empires Online: New Babylon pro civ detailed, launching this month

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 9 August 2012 11:23 GMT

Age of Empires Online is getting a new Babylon civ in August, developer Gas Powered Games has revealed.

Gas Powered Games confirmed that the the new Babylon civ and a new Fertile Crescent booster pack will launch August 16 to tie in with with games one-year anniversary.

The Babylon civ will cost 900 Empire Points and Fertile Crescent pack will cost 450.

Speaking with Eurogamer. systems design lead at Gas Powered Games Eric Williamson described the Bablyon as a “very economics focused civ. Where they really shine is their ability to build a strong economy, and quickly.”

The Bablyon can move resources around quickly using a new Ox Cart item, and deploy the Siege Tower, which ferries units and can unleash a fire-arrow attack. “You have the ability to mask what you’re doing by hiding your army inside the siege tower, and we’ve seen a lot of cool strategy come out of that,” Williamson added.

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