Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 patch canned

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 8 August 2012 23:25 GMT

Silent Hill HD Collection has been patched on PlayStation 3, but an expected title update for the Xbox 360 version has been shelved.

In a brief press release, Konami celebrated the release of the much-requested PS3 patch, but advised the Xbox 360 patch had been cancelled “due to technical issues and resources”.

The PS3 patch – at least the second issued – is expected to resolve some of the frame rate and audio synch issues plaguing the Collection, as well as some of the more egregious bugs.

Konami offered apologies to those continuing to see issues on the Xbox 360 version, something of a cold comfort.

The Silent Hill HD Collection was ported from incomplete versions of the original games, and has drawn strong criticism for its bugs and performance issues.

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Silent Hill HD Collection

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