Jagged Alliance: Crossfire dated for September

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 2 August 2012 01:08 GMT

Kalypso Media has released new details of the upcoming Jagged Alliance: crossfire, a stand-alone expansion to Back in Action due in September.

The expansion was first announced in June and was expected during northern summer, but was quietly pushed back.

In Crossfire, the player’s PMC is called in to rescue the nation of Khanpaa from the grip of a group of mercenaries the UN refuses to deal with, while uncovering the secrets behind its wartorn history.

The expansion adds ten new mercenaries, bringing the total to more than 50; ten new maps; over 15 hours of gameplay; and new weapons, enemies and equipment.

BitComposer has also taken the time to tweak the technical side, boasting “vastly improved graphics, enhanced AI behavior, optional line-of-sight/fog of war, a polished interface and numerous performance and gameplay updates”.

Evil Avatar has posted a Flickr gallery of screenshots showing the expansion in action.

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