Lack of females in Colonial Marines leads to petition

By Dave Oshry, Wednesday, 4 July 2012 23:30 GMT

Apparently there will be no females in the multiplayer portion of Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Ripley and Vasquez are not amused.

In this petition started by one “Melissa K.” she alleges that Colonial Marines producer Brian Burleson has said there will be no female characters in multiplayer.

“This is unacceptable for a game that makes such claims as are listed on its official website, made after a film franchise that has many strong female characters like Ripley, Vasquez, Ferro and Dietrich to name a few. There is roughly 5-6 months before the game goes Gold and releases February 12th, 2013 so we need to let them know NOW that they are not being true to the ALIENS universe by not including the ability to play as a female in Multiplayer.”

Well alright then.  We’ve reached out to Sigourney Weaver for comment.

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