Gravity Interactive launching Classic server for Ragnarok Online

By Matt Williams, Friday, 29 June 2012 02:54 GMT

Ragnarok Online players will soon have the opportunity to experience the game using its original settings and physics, with the official launch of a Classic game server.

The as yet unnamed Classic server is intended to give players a chance to experience the game as it was prior to 2010’s “Renewal” update.

As announced by Gravity Interactive, players can expect the following features on the Classic server:

  • Maps and quests available will be around 10.3, which is Schwarzwalt updates with Einbroch, Juno etc. Arunzfelt and the sinister plot of Satan Morocc will not be hatched yet.
  • At Launch you can change to 1st, 2-1 and 2-2 classes.
  • WoE 1 will be opened up after a reasonable number of Characters get to moderate high level, expected to be 30-45 days.
  • Transcending will be available later still, after many characters are maxed out at 99/50.
  • Expanded classes: Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon Kid, Soul Linker and Taekwon Master will come out shortly after Transcendent classes.
  • Many of the high level maps and quests will not be available until after Trans classes are available, this is to allow us to expand the game as we go, rereleasing those contents as the server can handle them.
  • Highest Tiered Gear will drop from monsters in Tradable Boxes. Once the box is opened the gear will be account bound. This is to keep those high tiered items limited to those high Tiered characters capable of acquiring them rather than being taken/shared among many. This also will keep them valuable in the economy for a much longer period of time. This feature will not be noticed for a very long time as those monsters that have the items will not be available at the start.

The server is intended to launch on June 29, although is subject to change.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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