Rumor – Zipper Interactive was working on a PS4 game before being shuttered

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 27 June 2012 18:34 GMT

Internet sleuth Superannuation has found the resumes of former Zipper Interactive employees which state the firm was developing a game for the next Sony console before the studio was shuttered.

According to what Super dug up, the studio was working on “two unannounced projects.” One for PS3 and the other for a platform which was “TBD”. The resumes of two designers suggest the titles were multiplayer-based, and another resume belonging to a former Zipper senior designer lists two unannounced projects for an “unannounced system.”

Super notes the description for this unannounced system could go either way: it’s either the PS4 which is rumored to be condenamed Orbis, or it’s “a standard vague descriptor.”

He also notes the that concept art featured here and here could have something to do with the projects, but are “more than likely irrelevant.”

Sony closed up SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive in April after rumors of lay-offs surfaced back in late March.

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