FFXIV producer outlines final patches pre Version 2.0 release

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 27 June 2012 00:40 GMT

Naoki Yoshida has unveiled the last major content updates and planned changes ahead of the version 2.0 release of Final Fantasy XIV.

“As far as updates to the current version of FFXIV go, this 1.23 series of patches will be the last,” the producer noted in his latest letter to the community.

“There are no more large-scale additions or adjustments planned, and all of your feedback will be applied to 2.0 – along with the combined efforts of the entire dev team.”

Yoshida said version 2.0 is now “prioritizing the development schedule” and is approaching alpha and beta testing. He promised fans would see the results of this soon; the team is knuckling down on graphics and optimisation, and new screenshots and a trailer are expected by the middle of northern summer.

“We released some in-game screenshots at E3, but the graphics are still undergoing adjustments – expect to see higher quality at release,” he added.

“We’re working on dusk/night lighting and post processing as we speak. They won’t be ready for a little while yet, but we’re also working on getting out some screenshots for the PS3.”

Version 2.0 is on track for release later this year or early next year.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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