Diablo III finished on Inferno using Hardcore character

By Stace Harman, Wednesday, 20 June 2012 11:31 GMT

Diablo III community manager, Bashiok, has confirmed the world’s first Diablo III completion on Inferno difficulty with a Hardcore player. Video – with potential spoilers – through the break.

A Diablo III player named Kripparrian has completed the game on Inferno difficulty using a Hardcore barbarian, he received a little help along the way from a wizard named Krippi.

Inferno is the hardest of Diablo III’s difficulty levels and Hardcore characters suffer perma-death when they are killed, so this is no mean feat, especially as it was achieved prior to patch 1.0.3 being applied which made certain items more readily available from loot drops.

The video below features “Kripp and Krippi” taking on the game’s final boss with a voice-over explanation from a triumphant Kripparian.

Thanks, EG.

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