Nomura teasing impending Kingdom Hearts announcement

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 1 May 2012 07:16 GMT

Tetsuya Nomura has teased a massive announcement for the Kingdom Hearts series coming pretty soon following the launch of Dream Drop Distance back in March in Japan.

In the Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book, Nomura said in an interview the Osaka studio behind the series had started making progress towards a new title or titles in the series. He added he hoped to make an announcement soon.

That sounds an awful lot like E3 o’clock, boyo? The LA show is now just four weeks away.

On a Final Mix version of Dream Drop Distance for 3DS, Nomura said nothing was on the books regarding one despite there previously being an FM version for Kingdom Hearts II and Birth By Sleep on PSP.

“Maybe in a few years, but no plans for it right now. The Osaka team is really busy,” he said.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance arrives in the west for 3DS this July.

Thanks, Andriasang and GAF.

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