Digital Extremes’ Star Trek won’t be run-and-gun

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 18 April 2012 03:39 GMT

Despite the high octane teaser, Digital Extremes is keen to ensure Star Trek isn’t just a shooter tie-in.

Speaking to IGN, creative director Sheldon Carter said his team is well aware of fan expectation and concern.

“The question that comes up a lot is, ‘What’s exploration like in Star Trek? What does it mean to seek out new alien worlds and technologies, and to relate to them in a way that’s not just cover shooting?'” he said.

“That’s something that’s been on our minds right from the beginning. This is not just a game where you’re going to run and gun and kill everyone.”

Paramount Pictures believes the dynamic between Kirk and Spock is the heart of Star Trek, and so Digital Extremes is building that in – not just through banter and story, but in terms of gameplay as well. Spock, knowing the environments, approaches tasks logically, while Kirk tends to rush in and try new things.

“These characters kind of lead themselves. They react differently to different situations. Realizing that in gameplay is challenging, but it’s also super fun,” Carter said.

Star Trek is expected in 2013, ahead of the new film’s May release.

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