TERA dungeon finder, beta, and head start information updated

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 10 April 2012 21:58 GMT

En Masse and Blue Hole have announced TERA will launch with a new dungeon finder at launch, which helps players find groups faster as well as the classes needed to round out the instance.

Those who use the dungeon finder will also be rewarded with extra loot upon besting the boss at the end of the encounter.

More good news on the TERA front: a Pre-Order Exclusive Event starts on Friday, April 13 at 7:00pm PST and will end on Tuesday, April 17 at 10:00pm PST which will allow those who pre-ordered a chance to create and name their characters.

Even better, on April 19, those who pre-ordered will get 24-hours head start on the beta which opens to the public on April 20 and ends on April 23.

Finally, those who pre-ordered will get another head start round on April 28 which will allow them to play the game for a full three days before it goes live on May 1.

Hit up the official website for more details.

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