Skullgirls dated for April Xbox Live launch, PSN still TBC

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 2 April 2012 02:16 GMT

Gorgeous 2D fighter Skullgirls is expected to launch on consoles in under a fortnight, although the PlayStation Network version hasn’t been locked down.

Skullgirls will launch on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace on April 11 for 1200 MS points.

Reverge expects a PSN release around the same time; the fighter is yet to clear certification in each region, but an April 10 launch in the US looks likely, at $14.99.

“We have passed Microsoft certification,” Reverge Labs community manager Peter Bartholow triumphantly announced on Neogaf.

Bartholow apologised for the long delay in putting a release date on the anticipated indie, but the project seems to have encountered some last minute issues.

“Microsoft was still trying to slot us on April 4th as late as [Friday] morning,” he revealed.

Skullgirls is an all-female fighter in which combatants battle it out for a magical artefact which makes you grow arms from your head, developed by a handful of fighter fans in consultation with the wider fighting community.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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