What I did on my holiday: fun with Sleeping Dogs

By Brenna Hillier
30 March 2012 12:23 GMT

Brenna Hillier skived off this afternoon to go hands-on with United Front Games’ undercover cop adventure, Sleeping Dogs, and had a perfectly scrumptious time.

Sleeping Dogs

Developed by a group of open-world action and racing veterans, many from EA Blackbox.

Originally to be published by Activision, but was cancelled. It was conceived of independently from True Crime, and has no ties to that franchise despite its brief stint under the name.

Square Enix picked the project up, bringing Batman: Arkham City and Just Cause veterans onboard to consult.

Expected this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Here’s what I did today:

I walked through the neon streets of Hong Kong during a festival, listening to the roar and chatter of the crowds, punctuated by the hissing and thud of fireworks and the jarring cries of street hawkers.

I chased a man, dodging and weaving through knots of bystanders and cursing, stumbling when I didn’t manage it. I scrambled over walls and leaped across tables, skidded around corners and hurtled up steps without breaking my pace in the slightest.

I jumped off a ledge, arms flailing wildly as I hung briefly in mid air, view drawn inexorably downwards – crashing through a glass ceiling to land in the centre of a sushi restaurant.

I faced a group of thugs, including one with a knife, and flowed around them like water running over your hands, only the shower doesn’t usually punch you so hard you curl up and die.

I pushed a man’s head into the fans of an uncovered air conditioning unit; it exploded in a drops of blood and globbets of meat. I pushed another man face-first down an air conditioning vent; his legs wiggled frantically for the remainder of the fight.

I raced a super car through the city streets, guided by red smoke flares and floodlights, as two women giggled in the backseat and three rivals tried to knock me to my death; I rammed one and it veered off the road and exploded.

I used an angle grinder to tear the bonds from my hands and feet and strangled my captor to death with a power cord.

I snuck up on a dude having a whizz and smashed his face against the toilet before drowning him in his own urine.

I held a man’s face against a stove (and later, a BBQ) until his hair caught fire – and then for several seconds longer – effectively knocking him out of the fight.

I pushed a man into an open circuit box, smashing it and frying him.

I leapt over a stack of crates and took a shotgun out of a very surprised man’s hands; then I shot him in the face and his head went somewhere else with a wet thump.

I took cover behind a pallet of goods, which rapidly dissolved under a hail of gun fire, which surprised me unpleasantly.

I took a running jump between two skyscraper construction sites, as driving wind and rain whipped the perilous heights.

I drove a car at high speed along a raised freeway and, on a whim, turned off through a broken section of barricade, flying through the air to land on top of three others, which exploded.

I tried on a lot of fancy manly clothes and admired my muscles and tattoos.

I went to a massage parlour, but it was empty for the preview build.

I had the control pad pried from my protesting hands. I took the wrong train on the way home and wasted several hours of my day which seemed like a serious letdown after everything else, but on the other hand, it’s that many less hours till Sleeping Dogs comes out.

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