Crytek prepping for mobile revolution by pushing high-end PC tech

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 20 March 2012 03:15 GMT

Counter intuitive as it seems, Crytek believes focussing on the fanciest of PC hardware will eventually make CryEngine better suited to emerging low-power platforms like tablets and mobile.

“The new PC architecture that’s out there right now gives us a whole lot more to play with. And we think the benefits of building that stuff will apply to future platforms, even as we move into the tablet and mobile space,” Carl Jones, Crytek’s director of global business development, told Gamasutra at GDC 2012.

“The high-end GPU with a really powerful processor is going to become more ubiquitous as an architecture, and that’s something we want to push with the PC market that’s out there. And we hope that filters through other platforms in the future. So that’s one strategy – keep pushing the high-end.”

Like many engine developers, Crytek is hoping its tech will eventually become ultra-transportable, and is pushing towards an official release for the browser version of CryEngine.

“We like to finish things when they’re quality-finished, not time-finished. So I don’t know [when it will come out]. I would hope towards the end of this year, people can start seeing browser-based CryEngine games, but we’ll see. There are other things that will have to happen first,” Jones said.

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