SWTOR Class stories to continue “sooner rather than later”

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 16 March 2012 04:59 GMT

BioWare intends to expand further on existing Class storylines in Star Wars: The Old Republic – so make your choices with care.

Speaking to games.on.net, lead PVP, Flashpoint and Operations designer Gabe Amatangelo admitted that The Old Republic’s current Class story arcs are “sort of unresolved”.

“That’s a big thing and it’s something that will certainly, certainly be used in future story direction,” he said.

“The decisions you make really matter, even the small ones.”

The developer mentioned examples in the Sith and Smuggler storylines where the player makes a significant choice, including the possibility of walking a neutral path between two factions. These decisions “will certainly carry over into future stories”.

“Some of the Class dialog that you’re going to see will be based on your personal choices,” Amatangelo said.

“The Class story arcs will be continued with future updates, future content packs and we’ll certainly be supporting both threads. Expect more, and expect it sooner than later.”

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