DICE would like to see more “memory and processing power” in next-gen consoles

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 9 March 2012 19:07 GMT

DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson has said next-gen consoles need more “memory and processing power” in order make Frostbite 2 work perfectly on consoles.

With the GPU, Andersson said consoles need to be faster, but he doesn’t foresee multiple-graphic processing units in the next iteration of consoles.

“We need lots and lots of processing power,” he told Joystiq at GDC. “The more you can cram into a machine, we’ll take advantage of that. Two gigabytes would not be enough when it comes to RAM. Four gigabytes would work. Eight gigabytes? Yeah. I think that would be perfect when it comes to memory.”

Andersson said that while such specs would be beneficial, he said his preferences weren’t’ solely based on how well a game would look when taking advanatage of such tech.

“To build game changing experiences, not just pretty visuals, but game changing experiences,” he said. “That’s what we’re really excited to do, going forward.” Andersson wouldn’t elaborate on what “game changing experiences” he had in mind.

Andersson went on to say there were “quite a few games” in development using Frostbite 2, but wouldn’t elaborate on anything other than already announced titles. He also reiterated that “if” DICE were to build Mirror’s Edge 2, “it would use Frostbite 2.”

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