Rumor – Sim City 5 concept art surfaces, game hitting in 2013

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 29 February 2012 15:33 GMT

Some alleged concept art from Sim City 5 has popped up on All Games Beta. We say “alleged” because there’s no source to the shots, but it does look a bit “simy”.

The images stem from a German magazine posted by the Sims Times and reiterated by Sims Programs (thanks, mixedpie).

According to the information, the game is 30% finished and set for a 2013 release. It also ues a new graphics engine which will allow players to zoom in on buildings if you wish. Or you can play it in the traditional god-like view like previous entries into the franchise.

Buildings can be upgraded as players progress and perform certain tasks or quests, land value and population density will be intertwined, crime is a major factor in value and fires spreading throughout the city, and events which happen in-game will show up in the game’s newspaper.

It includes multiplayer and will allow you to check out a friend’s resources and city, and work cooperatively together to grow jobs. Leaderboards will be implemented, and there’s a bit more information on Gaf as well.

Adding weight to the rumour is a mysterious GDC talk called Inside the GlassBox, which will feature one of EA’s development teams giving “a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the GlassBox Simulation Engine, the next-generation technology that is built from the ground up to power the next entry in one of their most beloved franchises”.

The talk is separate from EA’s GameChangers event, which will be streamed from 6pm (2am GMT) PST to 8pm PST (4am GMT) on March 6.

The event will feature a big announcement from SimCity developer Maxis – which is rumored to be SimCity 5 – but Medal of Honor: Warfighter will likely be the main attraction.

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