Twisted Metal to possibly get network patch today

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:26 GMT

David Jaffe has said on his blog that Twisted Metal could possibly get a patch that will fix network issues plaguing the game as early as today.

On CriminalCrackdown, Jaffe said the update, when it does arrive either today or tomorrow, should hopefully go at least some way in fixing the problems that affected the game since its US launch a few weeks ago.

“A patch left SDQA today and is in format tomorrow,” he said.

“It’s possible it will hit Twisted Metal tomorrow night, but Sony tells me it will be either tomorrow night or Thursday morning. Forgive my Layman’s understanding of this sort of stuff, but the core idea is that we hope the patch will go some/a long/the full (not sure which) way to making it so players connect consistently to online games.”

The update would split quick match and player-created matches so that players can avoid being dragged into quick matches, a list of matches will be randomised “to an extent” so players can avoid getting can not join messages and other fixes.

Twisted Metal launches in Europe on March 7 for PS3.

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