CCP: Small string of updates releasing for EVE Online before Inferno hits this summer

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 22 February 2012 22:03 GMT

EVE Online senior producer Jon Lander has posted an update on the game’s development blog, discussing some small, incremental changes coming to the game before Inferno releases later this year.

While not much information has been revealed regarding the expansion – and today’s blog post is no exception – Lander, posting under the moniker CCP Uniflex, mentioned a few improvements will be implemented before the expansion releases in the summer through small releases in “February, March and April.”

The firm plans to reinvigorate Concord-sanctioned warfare, and provide tools and a framework to groups who “wish to take advantage of these conflicts both directly and indirectly.”

Factional Warfare will also be see some changes, making it more relevant and fun. Usability fixes are in the works, especially pertaining to avatar technology and the CPP-related websites.

More “concrete steps in the link between EVE and DUST 514” will also be revealed, and the firm promised an “unprecedented level of collaboration, conflict and purpose” to both games.

Lander also admitted in the post that while he and the rest of the team are releasing minimal information regarding Inferno at present, more information will be revealed during Fanfest in March.

“There, you will be able to get quite cozy with your favorite devs and find out the real lowdown on EVE,” he said. “This year, Fanfest will be at a bigger, better venue right in the social epicenter of downtown Reykjavik, allowing us to bring more EVE to Fanfest than ever before as well as some sneak previews of DUST 514, including the first-ever hands-on demo.”

You read the entirety of the blog post through the link.

Fanfest takes place March 22-24 in Iceland.

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