Mojang “really bored” of Minecraft clones, but won’t sue makers

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 15 February 2012 09:14 GMT

Mojang has confirmed it won’t sue developers who make clones of Minecraft, but says it’s “bored” with those already there.

In a webchat attended by Eurogamer, Mojang boss Daniel Kaplan has said if any content that is made by them isn’t included, it’s all gravy.

“As long as they don’t use anything we made, we don’t care,” said Kaplan in the chat.

“Like, would the DOOM creators sue everybody who has done an FPS? Don’t think so.”

It comes as Minecraft clone FortressCraft has become one of the most popular games on Xbox Live Indie Games. Kaplan said he doesn’t think they add anything new.

“I’m really bored by the clones. They don’t bring anything new to the table, which is really sad.”

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Daniel Kaplan


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