Sins of a Solar Empire developer teasing new game

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 12 February 2012 21:54 GMT

Ironclad Games has launched a new teaser website, counting down to what is hopefully the reveal of its next title.

The new title is to be published by Infinite Game Publishing, a Canadian digital publisher also backing MechWarrior Online.

The countdown, which asks “Are You Worthy?”, points at an announcement just under nine days from now. The website’s URL,, looks like gibberish at first until you remember Ironclad’s critically-lauded space strategy epic Sins of a Solar Empire is frequently abbreviated to SOASE.

Sins of a Diseased Archenemy? Sins of a Dying Archonship? Sins of a Dirty Animal? By peering at the background, you can make out some kind of porcupine-like creature – or maybe that’s just me.

The site’s source code doesn’t reveal anything noteworthy, but recent job advertisements on Ironclad’s site have attempted to recruit a particle effects expert with 2D art skills, a programmer with PC experience and an artist with both 2D and 3D skills.

Sins of a Solar Empire and its expansions are indie developer Ironclad’s only releases to date; the massive real-time 4X strategy title won high reviews despite being as hardcore as a titanium sternum.

Thanks, anonymous tipster. [image]

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