Acquire’s Sumioni: Demon Arts to release in North America

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 12 January 2012 20:59 GMT

XSEED has announced via the PS Blog it will be releasing Acquire’s gorgeous-looking Sumioni: Demon Arts in North america as a launch window title “this spring”. The “ink-themed” action title provides the player will various obstacles to overcome by drawing platforms with the touch-screen, or using the handheld’s controls to call upon a giant bird or sacred lion help destroy a well-defended pagoda. It looks really neat. See for yourself in the video posted below the break. Through the link, there are also some new shots of the game as well.

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Sumioni: Demon Arts

  • Sumioni: Demon Arts arrives in Europe for Vita next week

    Acquire’s action-platformer Sumioni: Demon Arts will finally be releases in Europe through the PlayStation Store next week. Filled with lovely Japanese artistry, the title was released in March through the US PS Store. Those living in regions serviced by the EU PS Store, can download it on January 16 for €9.99/£7.99.