Sith service: Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live

By Stephany Nunneley
20 December 2011 13:23 GMT

BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, potentially the most expensive game ever made, has gone live. Morrethiel reports from the Sith proving grounds as she begins her quest for universal domination.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Giant Star Wars MMO created by BioWare.

Announced in San Francisco in October, 2008.

Possibly the most expensive game ever made, with rumoured costs well in excess of $100 million.

Releases today for PC. Early access has been running for a week.

Official site.

My name is Morrethiel. I was born into slavery, like my mother. Our brethren accused us of not being “pure blood,” despite our red skin, and forced us into labor. Make no mistake: I am Sith.

As the battle between Empire and Republic gained traction, I was transported with other slave-caste acolytes to Korriban, a barren planet where the glory of the Sith Empire began long ago. There, I was to prove myself worthy of my race.

Overseer Harkun was my mentor, and was assigned with selecting an apprentice for Lord Zash, a female Sith Lord and the Master of the Sith Inquisitor. I hated him.

My first quests were mundane, following the commands of the abhorrent Harkun. I cannot remember how many times I ventured to the Valley of the Dark, or how many K’lor’slug broodlings and barrowers I exterminated for the greater good of the Empire, to prove myself worthy of the role of Inquisitor.

It was worth it. I was accepted into the Sith Academy, where I was given a final task to complete to become Lord Zash’s apprentice. I was to retrieve a map from the Tomb of Naga Sadow where the Dashade Khem Val, the devoted servant of the Sith Lord Tulak Hord, rested in a suspended state.

Confronting Khem Val was no easy matter, as he and Tulak Hord have devoured thousands of Jedi over the centuries, but I bested the Dashade in battle. He is now bound to accompany me, and do my bidding as my companion until I see fit to release him – something I will never do.

After leaving the tomb, Khem Val and I traveled back to the Academy to present the map to Lord Zash. She was pleased with me, and bestowed upon me the grand honor of apprenticeship, much to the chagrin of Overseer Harkun. His venomous distaste for me is inconsequential; one day I will make him suffer for his berating of me and my bloodline. After I finish watching him grovel in pain at my feet I will kill him. If mercy takes me.

We will win the war against the Republic. We will eradicate the Jedi. And I will have my revenge when every living being in the universe bows at the feet of Darth Morrethiel.

For my next task, Master Zash asked me to join her on the planet Dromund Kaas, the third planet in the Dromund system and home to Kaas, the Sith Empire’s capital city. The Black Talon, an Imperial transport ship commanded by captain Revinal Orzik, provided means of travel.

My journey to Dromund Kaas was not without incident. I had hoped to rest on the trip, but Orzik refused orders to intercept a Republic vessel named the Brentaar Star, which was transporting a defected general. The fool. My fellow transport passengers and I took control of the flight deck and made to intercept the Republic transport.

Some idiot Republic forces boarded our ship; my shipmates and I slaughtered every last Republic trooper and droid who attempted who to stop us as we boarded the Brentaar Star. We entered the engine room and confronted Jedi Yadira Ban. She was nothing in the face of the Empire’s might. After her defeat, we captured the sickly general and imprisoned him on our ship.

I have reached Dromund Kaas, and am setting out to meet my Master, as promised. I have attained level 12 in the Imperial ranks. This is just the beginning. Soon I will show the universe exactly what a pure-blood Sith is capable of, and all those who oppose me, or who ever treated me ill, will learn what incurring the wrath of Morrethiel entails.

We will win the war against the Republic. We will eradicate the Jedi. And I will have my revenge when every living being in the universe bows at the feet of Darth Morrethiel.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is out now for PC.

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