SCE Santa Monica: Sorcery not possible on Kinect or Wii

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 16 December 2011 03:33 GMT

Upcoming PS Move adventure Sorcery is too hardcore and precise for rival motion control systems, Sony reckons.

“I think this title does an excellent job of showing what makes Move a better and different system than other motion controls that are out there,” creative director Brian Upton told IndustryGamers.

“It’s tighter, it’s cleaner, it’s more precise – I don’t think you could do a game like this on either Kinect or Wii. I don’t think technically they’d be able to support this kind of gameplay.”

Upton said that one of the team’s goals is to show off “exactly how much gameplay you could get out of really tight motion control”.

“The fact that aiming really makes a difference in the game – and the different control nuances – if you’re a good player this translates into real gameplay improvements,” he said.

“That’s attention to detail that more serious gamers are interested in. It’s not, ‘Oh I can just button mash my way through.’ By actually mastering the system, I can feel like I’m a more powerful gamer. The fact that Move is so precise, it lets us create that very technical focused, skill-based motion control game.”

The director noted that the game is aimed at a more hardcore crowd than many competing titles.

“Most motion games are intended to be very, very casual. They have an almost Simon Says quality to them,” he said.

“We wanted something that would appeal to a more hardcore audience and would have depth and complexity.”

As promised, Sorcery broke its long silence this week with a new set of screenshots and trailer showing of the game’s revamped visuals. The game is due exclusively on PlayStation 3 in northern spring.

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