Dynasty Warriors Next stars in triple trailersplosion

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 25 November 2011 01:52 GMT

Since everyone’s either asleep, stuffing themselves with traditional foods or sympathetically Australian, I can slip in not one but three trailers for Dynasty Warriors Next.

To kick things off, we have a largely baffling promotional spot. Below that, you’ll find an even more incomprehensible story trailer, but take heart! Unless you’re a Three Kingdoms nerd (read: awesome) you probably never kept track of it anyway.

Finally, there’s a gameplay trailer highlighting the Wei warriors, who used to be everyone’s favourite bad guys (read: winners) until the game was extended to include a fourth faction, the Jin, and everyone was treated with historical sympathy. Aww.

Dynasty Warriors Next is the series’s first outing on Vita, and is expected to launch alongside the console in Japan, if not globally. It uses some ancillary gyroscopic and touchscreen controls and sports create-a-warrior and photo modes.

Thanks, KoeiWarriors.

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Dynasty Warriors Next

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