Star Wars: Identities domain registrations “not” gaming related, says Lucasrts

By Staff, Thursday, 10 November 2011 16:16 GMT

A couple of new Lucasfilm domain registrations inked to recent activity at developer Lucasarts have been confirmed as nothing to do with a game in development.

According to a Lucasarts representative speaking to Eurogamer, domain registrations for StarWarsIdentities aren’t gaming related.

“I can’t comment on rumours or speculation,” said the spokesperson, “however, I can confirm that this is not a video game.”

Yesterday, a report over on Fusible stated LucasFilms made three new registrations on a similar theme –, (a common typo) and

Although not made through the game arm of George Lucas’s media empire, Eurogamer noted that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed developer Lucasarts was caught hiring for a new project earlier this year.

The new game is said to be open-world, and Lucasarts has indicated it will continue making Star wars titles. Therefore, it wasn’t hard to draw a few speculative conclusions, was it?

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