AMY and ICO share a focus on “empathy”

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 3 November 2011 22:55 GMT

Lexis Numérique has allowed that comparisons between AMY and ICO, which both feature handholding and silent AI companions, are somewhat justified.

“In Amy, we didn’t try to ape ICO and the two games are quite different; each developer has its own references, world, and vision,” Lexis Numerique’s Djamil Kemal wrote on the EU PS Blog.

“But one thing is the same: the constant effort to create empathy for the secondary character.”

Players take the role of Lana as she navigates a city which has suffered a zombie outbreak. Lana’s relationship to Amy, a mysterious young girl, is complicated; Lana makes the decisions and does the fighting, but Amy’s presence keeps Lana healthy and warns her of threats. When holding hands, players can sense Amy’s agitation through a pulse in the control pad.

A developer diary below shows off some of Amy’s abilities and behaviours. No release date has been set for AMY, which is expected to release via the PlayStation Network.

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Djamil Kemal

Lexis Numérique

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