Men of War: Vietnam gets full-scale game editor

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 28 October 2011 12:04 GMT

1C’s released an extensive game editor for Men of War: Vietnam, allowing players to create their own scenarios and maps.

In allowing owners to develop their own levels for the RTS, 1C reckons the game now supports “virtually unlimited possibilities for customization and mod support.”

Players can, predictably, share their creations with others. You can download the patch here. If you play the game through Steam, it’ll auto-update the next time you kick it up.

Additionally, the patch lowers game difficulty on Easy and Normal levels, “allowing less experienced players a way to conquer Vietnam.”

The update will also “eliminate possible de-synchronization issues in multiplayer between different versions of the game to allow for easier co-op action in the jungles.”

Customers who bought or activated the game on Steam will see their in-game achievements are now synchronized with Steam’s achievements, apparently.

There’s more on the official site.

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Men Of War: Vietnam

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