Uncharted 3 beaten in 3hrs 8mins

By Stace Harman, Thursday, 27 October 2011 11:24 GMT

Game director Justin Richmond has told Official PlayStation Magazine that the time was clocked up by a Naughty Dog tester who had all of the solutions to the puzzles and was playing on very easy difficulty.

Naughty Dog’s upcoming adventure Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception has been completed in just three hours and eight minutes by a games tester. The speed run apparently had a technical purpose: to test infrastructure elements such as that the trophies unlock correctly and the credits roll at the end of the game.

Three hours is impressive, though perhaps not so much when compared to similar speed run efforts on Skyrim – which was completed by one QA tester in just 2:16:10 – and the notoriously difficult Dark Souls which took an incredible 1:26:28. Videos of that last feat can be seen elsewhere on the site.

Speaking of the Naughty Dog tester’s run through Uncharted 3, Richmond said “I don’t think anyone else in the world will be able to do that for a long time”.

That sounds like a challenge to me.

Thanks, EG.

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