Dust 514 dev: “Console is about to leap forward and it won’t look back.”

By Stace Harman, Wednesday, 26 October 2011 11:34 GMT

Speaking to Develop, CCP’s VP of business development Thor Gunnarsson has claimed Dust 514 will expand the horizons of the PS3 and that this can only be a good thing, “It would be a risk not to make Dust. It would be a risk to think that everything will work if we sit still,” he said.

CCP, developer of upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS Dust 514, is optimistic that the nature of game’s integration with MMO title Eve Online will help open up the traditionally closed console infrastructure.

“The console space right now is where the PC was before the internet really kicked off,” Gunnarson stated. “Console is about to leap forward and it won’t look back.”

The crux of Gunnerson’s claims revolves around the way in which the events of Dust 514 on Sony’s console will take place on a planet that exists in real-time inside the world of PC MMO Eve Online. Players of each title will be able to affect the world of the other, be it for better or worse.

“That will iterate over time,” Gunnerson said. “But the objective is to make Dust 514 be significant to the world of Eve and vice-versa. So Dust players can call in air support or munitions from Eve players.”

Dust 514 is expected for PS3 next year and will have yet to be detailed PS Vita-supported features.

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