Rockstar tinkered with the idea of physical interrogations in L.A. Noire

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 20 October 2011 21:19 GMT

Jeronimo Barrera, VP of product development at Rockstar, has said that during L.A. Noire’s development, the team played around with allowing Cole Phelps to beat the truth out of a suspect.

Speaking in an interview with G4, Barrera said the team decided against it in the end, because it was usually the method players chose first.

“The team did experiment with implementing a ‘force’ option that would encourage Phelps to get physical during the interrogations,” he said. “But often when we tested, players would go for that option first, locking themselves out of any opportunity to actually get to the truth.

“Beating up a witness would almost certainly be a much less reliable way of getting evidence than TV shows might lead you to believe.”

L.A. Noire The Complete Edition will land on consoles in North America on November 15 and internationally on November 18. The PC version releases November 8 in NA and November 11 in Europe on PC, Steam and OnLive.

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