PlayStation Home the “easiest point of entry” for PSN developers

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 11 October 2011 00:12 GMT

Sony’s social network turned game-space is the best way for new developers to get on board the PSN, according to Home director Jack Buser.

“Home tends to be one of the easiest points of entry for content creation on PlayStation,” Buser told Shack, commenting that “A lot of developers start at Home.”

“Home is all scripting (LUA), and all the 3D stuff is being done in Maya. So it’s super-easy,” he explained.

“You can have teams of literally one person. Usually team sizes vary between five to ten people. You can create a full-on game the scope of Sodium in six months. That’s just not possible in traditional console development.

“You’re not writing any assembly, no C. So your cost of development is very low,” Buser added.

There is a path open through Home for those seeking traditional publishing, too.

“We do investments ourselves, strategically. If we see a developer with a game idea that we really want, we can invest in those games,” Buser revealed, adding that Sony will also commission titles.

“We can go to a developer and say ‘we need a first person shooter built,’ we’ll just pay them outright to do it,” he said.

Sony recently announced plans to reboot Home as a more gaming-focused space.

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Jack Buser