The Binding of Isaac fleshed out with demo, update

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 9 October 2011 23:21 GMT

Edmund McMillen has released a flash-based taster of his rogue-like shooter The Binding of Isaac, and teased a weighty upcoming update.

The demo is available on Newgrounds, with which McMillen has a long association. It showcases two early levels of the game, and has a pool of six bosses and 60 items for your random spawning pleasure.

Speaking of numbers-of-items, McMillen has planned a free Halloween update for the game’s Steam incarnation, featuring more than 20 new items, three new bosses, one new playable character, and more achievements.

“The new character we will be introducing with the update is called Eve, she’s a shape shifter who comes with small dead bird by her side,” McMillen commented on Twitter.

More intriguingly, the update promises a “final chapter” accessible to those who have already finished the game; there has been plenty of discussion of the game’s confronting, Biblically-inspired story and ending.

“This second update is more or less my dream update, something I wanted to be able to do for release but knew it would push the game back another month to get done, so in a way on [October 31] Isaac will become exactly what I wanted to release but didn’t have the time to finish,” McMillen said in a press release.

You can grab The Binding of Isaac for $5 on Steam.

McMillen is perhaps better known as one half of Team Meat’s core duo, whose rock-hard Super Meat Boy won hearts on release last year.


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